registration troubleshooting

Having problems registering? Check for a solution below, or contact us via email:

Checkout message: "You must agree to the terms and conditions"

If you get the message “You must agree to the terms and conditions” on the checkout form, but sure to tick the checkbox in the lower left of the form. One Mac user found the checkbox invisible on her system. Click to the left of the text “I’ve read and accept…” and you should be able to tick the box.

Checkout message: "We do not ship to the United States"

Yeah, we’ve seen this a couple of times. We’re guessing that it happens when the user fails to select their state or misses some other part of the form. That’s because people who get the message have registered on their second attempt, but no one says what they did differently. Or maybe it’s solar flares. One user reported success when duplicating their contact info for both Billing and Registrant.

Checkout: making a payment

All payments go through PayPal.  You can use a credit card–no need to use or have a PayPal account. If you still have trouble, please email us.