oral presentations

Oral presenters may submit a PowerPoint file (16:9 aspect ratio) or PDF document at the conference during the break prior to their session. Presenters should test their presentation file after transfer. Keep in mind that specialty fonts, embedded charts, and videos often depend on local files that will not be available on the presentation computer. Internet hyperlinks will not work on the presentation computer.

Speakers are allotted 15 minutes for presentation with an additional 5 minutes for questions.

poster presentations

Poster presentations will be held in two stages. A poster blitz is scheduled during the Wednesday afternoon oral session when each author will give a two-minute lightning talk. The general poster session will be held Wednesday evening in conjunction with the conference reception.

Posters may be up to 44 inches (112 cm) height and width. Pushpins will be provided.

One PowerPoint slide or single-page PDF document may be used during the lightning talk. Instructions for delivering the visual will be provided at the conference.