The schedule is preliminary and is subject to change.


9:00 amConference Opening and Welcome
9:15 amLarry James
Keynote Address



10:45 amArviset C., Barbarisi I., Besse S., Barthelemy M., de Marchi G., et al.
ESA Planetary Science Archive Architecture and Data Management [#6003]
11:05 amCosta M.
SPICE for ESA Planetary Missions [#6008]
11:25 amErard S., Cecconi B., Le Sidaner P., Rossi A. P., Capria M. T., et al.
VESPA: Enlarging the Virtual Observatory to Planetary Science [#6033]
11:45 amPoliti R., Capaccioni F., Giardino M., Fonte S., Capria M. T., et al.
SeaBIRD: A Flexible and Intuitive Planetary Datamining Infrastructure [#6009]
12:05 pmHughes J. S., Crichton D. J., Algermissen S. S., Cayanan M. D., Joyner R. S., et al.
Model-Driven Development for PDS4 Software and Services [#6019]
1:30 pmBeyer R. A., Hare T., Radebaugh J.
The Need for a Planetary Spatial Data Clearinghouse [#6067]
1:50 pmLaura J., Arvidson R. E., Gaddis L. R.
The Relationship Between Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure and the Planetary Data System [#6005]
2:10 pmKeszthelyi L., Hagerty J., Akins S., Archinal B., Bailen M., et al.
Update on the NASA-USGS Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure Inter-Agency Agreement [#6054]
2:30 pmLehnert K., Ji P., Cai M., Evans C., Zeigler R.
MoonDB — A Data System for Analytical Data of Lunar Samples [#6062]
2:50 pmStone N., Lafuente B., Bristow T., Pires A., Keller R. M., et al.
Demonstrating the Open Data Repository’s Data Publisher: The Chemin Database [#6055]
3:40 pmPlesa A.-C., Maurice M., Padovan S., Tosi N., Breuer D.
Large-Scale Numerical Simulations of Planetary Interiors [#6023]
4:00 pmParis K. N., Estes N. M., Cisneros E., Robinson M. S.
Scalable Data Processing with the LROC Processing Pipelines [#6059]
4:20 pmZorzano M.-P., Martín-Torres J., Mathanlal T., Vakkada Ramachandran A., Ramirez-Luque J.-A.
PACKMAN-Net: A Distributed, Open-Access, and Scalable Network of User-Friendly Space Weather Stations [#6012]


9:00 amAnnouncements
9:05 amNass A., D'Amore M.
Archive, Access, and Suppply of Scientifically Derived Data: A Data Model for Multi-Parameterized Querying Where Spectral Data Base Meets GIS-Based Mapping Archive [#6021]
9:25 amHare T. M., Gaddis L. R.
Initial PDS4 Support for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) [#6038]
9:45 amLim T. L., Martinez S., Coia D., Barbarisi I., Barthelemy M., et al.
PDS4 Data Within the PSA — A Cross-Mission and Cross-Disclipine Approach to a PDS4 Archive [#6027]
10:05 amDe Cesare C. M., Padams J. H.
Bridging Archival Standards: Building Software to Translate Metadata Between PDS3 and PDS4 [#6058]
10:25 amRaugh A. C., Hughes J. S.
The PDS4 LDDTool — Information Modeling for Data Preparers [#6017]


11:15 amGeorge Djorgovski
Keynote Address


1:30 pmLatorella K., Tisdale M., Aaron L., Leinenveber J., Wilson J., et al.
A GIS Layer Depicting Proposed Human Landing Sites and Exploration Zones on Mars and Tool to Investigate These [#6018]
1:50 pmDeWolfe A. W., Larsen K., Brain D.
3D Visualization for Planetary Missions [#6006]
2:10 pmBarnouin O. S., Ernst C. M., Daly R. T.
The Small Body Mapping Tool (SBMT) for Accessing, Visualizing, and Analyzing Spacecraft Data in Three Dimensions [#6043]
2:30 pmLaw E. S., Solar System Treks Team
Planetary Surface Visualization and Analytics [#6063]
2:50 pmPoster Blitz I
3:40 pmPoster Blitz II
4:00 pmKidd J. N. Jr., Selznick S., Hergenrother C. W.
Providing Observation Context via Kernel Visualization and Informatics for Planning and Data Analysis [#6065]
4:20 pmHeyer T., Hiesinger H., Reiss D., Erkeling G., Bernhardt H., et al.
The Multi-Temporal Database of Planetary Image Data: A Tool to Study Dynamic Mars [#6013]
4:40 pmMiller M. J., Graff T., Young K., Coan D., Whelley P., et al.
Scientific Hybrid Reality Environments (SHyRE): Bringing Field Work into the Laboratory [#6031]


5:00 pmAye K.-M.
Successful Design Patters in the Day-to-Day Work with Planetary Mission Data [#6068]
Cecconi B., Le Sidaner P., Savalle R., Bonnin X., Zarka P., et al.
MASER: A Tool Box for Solar System Low Frequency Radio Astronomy [#6029]
Costa M., Grass M.
SPICE-Based Python Packages for ESA Solar System Exploration Mission's Geometry Exploitation [#6010]
Estes N. M., Bowley K. S., Paris K. N., Silva V. H., Robinson M. S.
Taming Pipelines, Users, and High Performance Computing with Rector [#6039]
Estes N. M., Silva V. H., Bowley K. S., Lanjewar K. K., Robinson M. S.
Standards-Based Open-Source Planetary Map Server: Lunaserv [#6035]
Giardino M., Fonte S., Politi R., Ivanovski S., Longobardo A., et al.
A Virtual Observatory Approach to Planetary Data for Vesta and Ceres [#6011]
Grimes K. M. II, Padams J. H., Stanboli A., Wagstaff K. L.
Browsing the PDS Image Archive with the Imaging Atlas and Apache Solr [#6048]
Hardman S., Cayanan M., Hughes J. S., Joyner R., Crichton D., et al.
A Registry for Planetary Data Tools and Services [#6049]
Heyd R. S., McArthur G. A., Leis R., Fennema A., Wolf N., et al.
Applying the Lessons Learned from the HiRISE Ground Data System to the Development of a Modernized GDS for CaSSIS [#6066]
Kingston C., Palmer E., Stone J., Drum M., Neese C., et al.
Demonstration of Updated OLAF Capabilities and Technologies [#6046]
Marmo C., Hare T. M., Erard S., Cecconi B., Minin M., et al.
FITS and PDS4: Planetary Surface Data Interoperability Made Easier [#6024]
Norman C. J., Paxman J., Benedix G. K., Tan T., Bland P. A., et al.
Automated Detection of Craters in Martian Satellite Imagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks [#6004]
Padams J., Cayanan M., Hardman S.
PDS4: Harnessing the Power of Generate and Apache Velocity [#6044]
Raugh A. C., Hughes J. S.
The PDS4 Metadata Management System [#6016]
Saiz J., Barbarisi I., Docasal R., Rios C., Montero A., et al.
PDS4 Challenges in the PSA [#6025]
Trompet L., Vandaele A. C., Thomas I. R.
Tools to Manage and Access the NOMAD Data [#6007]
Varatharajan I., D’Amore M., Maturilli A., Helbert J., Hiesinger H.
Machine Learning Approach to Deconvolution of Thermal Infrared (TIR) Spectrum of Mercury Supporting MERTIS Onboard ESA/JAXA BepiColombo [#6015]
Verma R. V.
Archive Inventory Management System (AIMS) — A Fast, Metrics Gathering Framework for Validating and Gaining Insight from Large File-Based Data Archives [#6056]
Wagner R. V., Henriksen M. R., Manheim M. R., Robinson M. S.
Using Agisoft Photoscan to Compare Terrestrial and Planetary Volcanic Features [#6050]
Yamamoto Y., Ishihara Y., Murakami S.
Data Archives and Standards for Japanese Planetary Missions [#6026]
Zeng X. G. Dr., Liu J. J. Prof., Zuo W. Prof, Chen W. L. Dr., Liu Y. X. Mr.
Lunar Circular Structure Classification from Chang ’e 2 High Resolultion Lunar Images with Convolutional Neural Network [#6022]
Zinzi A., Longobardo A., Giardino M., Ivanovski S., Capria M. T., et al.
MATISSE 2.0: New Ideas to Support Planetary Sciences [#6002]


9:00 amAnnouncements
9:05 amStark A., Matz K.-D., Roatsch T.
Multi-Mission Laser Altimeter Data Processing and Co-Registration of Image and Laser data at DLR [#6014]
9:25 amFergason R. L., Weller L.
The Importance of Geodetically Controlled Data Sets: THEMIS Controlled Mosaics of Mars, A Case Study [#6030]
9:45 amArchinal B., IAU WG on Cart. Crd. & Rot. Elements
Planetary Coordinates Recommendations from the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements [#6047]
10:05 amShowalter M. R., Ballard L., French R. S., Gordon M. K., Tiscareno M. S.
Developments in Geometric Metadata and Tools at the PDS Ring-Moon Systems Node [#6053]
10:55 amAnderson R. B., Finch N., Clegg S. M., Graff T., Morris R. V., et al.
The Python Spectral Analysis Tool (PySAT) for Powerful, Flexible, and Easy Preprocessing and Machine Learning with Point Spectral Data [#6045]
11:15 amHare T. M., Laura J. R.
A Sandbox Environment for the CSM Standard and SPICE [#6040]
11:35 amMeyer B. S. A Platform for Collaboration Among Astronomers, Nuclear Astrophysicists, and Planetary Scientists [#6057]
11:55 amMahanti P., Brown H., Robinson M. S., Boyd A., Humm D., et al.
Characterizing the Spectral Radiance of Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions [#6020]
12:15 pmThompson T. J., Mahanti P.
Analysis of Simulated Temporal Illumination at the Lunar PSRs [#6037]


1:30 pmZeigler R. A., Blumenfeld E. H., Srinivasan P., McCubbin F. M., Evans C. A.
The Astromaterials X-Ray Computed Tomography Laboratory at Johnson Space Center [#6061]
1:50 pmWagner R. V., Robinson M. S.
PitScan: Computer-Assisted Feature Detection [#6051]
2:10 pmMahanti P., Lanjewar K., Thompson T., Team LROC.
Classification of Small Lunar Crater Morphological State by Deep Learning [#6028]
2:30 pmParente M., Gemp I.
Raman/LIBS Data Fusion via Two-Way Variational Autoencoders [#6064]
2:50 pmPadams J., Grimes K., Hollins G., Lavoie S., Stanboli A., et al.
NASA PDS IMG: Accessing Your Planetary Image Data [#6034]
3:40 pmPaganelli F., Conrad A.
Ground Observation of Asteroids at Mission ETA [#6032]
4:00 pmHe L., Arvidson R. E., O'Sullivan J. A.
Retrieving Single Scattering Albedos and Temperatures from CRISM Hyperspectral Data Using Neural Networks [#6052]
4:20 pmOyen D. A., Komurlu C., Lanza N. L.
Interactive Gaussian Graphical Models for Discovering Depth Trends in ChemCam Data [#6060]
4:40 pmRaimalwala K., Faragalli M., Reid E.
Autonomous Soil Assessment System: A Data-Driven Approach to Planetary Mobility Hazard Detection [#6036]